AW-11 Christine Dupree Vs. Shelly The "Burbank Bomber" Berg

1 Fall Ring Match Pin or Submission (Topless)

After a very long conversation on the phone Shelly "The Burbank Bomber" Berg convinced Quisha to let her join the WSW. Shelly promised to be on he best professional behavior. Quisha was reluctant knowing Shelly's sorted past and cheating ways gave in to her and gave her a shot to enter her organization. Quisha's only request was Shelly had to face one of her toughest opponents None other than the brutal and powerful Christine Dupree... Shelly much bigger than Christine was confident she can take out the ring savvy brunette fast. What she didn't realize is that Christine is great at ground and pound wrestling and submission holds. A combination that makes her very dangerous in the ring. Christine was more than happy to face the blonde giant. You could fee the intensity in the ring right before the bell as Shelly was in great shape and stronger and bigger than ever. Christine lean and mean like usual. The match starts off fast as both women struggle for control. Shelly uses her size to take over the match. Christine no push over counters every move Shelly applies. Well we all knew it would happen. Out of frustration Shelly starts in with the illegal tactics and starts to pummel the muscular brunette. Out of no where Quisha herself jumps in the ring to take over as referee of this match. Quisha was making sure Shelly sticks to her word and keeps the match clean. The beautiful brunette now has the advantage of the rules and puts the bigger blonde through hell as she twists and turns the huge busted blonde until she screams for mercy. Shelly can only resort to beating on her smaller opponent to keep her down. This is an all out battle that has everything you want to see in a pro-style match. Breast mauling, punching, submission holds and pins. Which one of these tough women will overcome. At the end of this match something despicable happens. You must see it this match is to unbelieveable to miss!

This Video Contains:
Stomach Punching Sleeper Hold
Test Strength Corner Work
Breast Torture Bikini Choke
Pin Attempts Rope Torture
Breast Smotther Hair Pulling
Eye Raking Crotch Punish
Arm Holds Airplane Spin