Christine Dupree Vs. Quisha Page

Interview & Catfight (Topless)

Quisha Page has been very busy lately defending her WSW Championship belt. The busty blonde took time out of her busy schedule to interview with veteran referee Rick Steele on some of her last matches and her thoughts about them (video clips included). After the interview Quisha carefully puts her title belt where everyone can see it and admires her success. Out of know where her arch enemy Christine Dupree enters the room. There is allot of animosity between these two as the result of SV-9 "The Challenge" there last match against each other. An argument takes place as both women despise each other as they start to bump breasts trying to intimidate the other. A catfight ensues after a few words were said. Christine attacks Quisha and the fight is on. Both women throw each other around the room ripping and tearing at each others clothes trying to humiliate the other. Both women took a battering as the fight was pretty equal. These beauties use there clothes as weapons as they choke each other with no mercy. As the battle rages on both women are stripped down to their panties as they try and torture huge breasts and delicate crotches trying to destroy the other. These women stop at nothing as Christine took the fight as far as the restroom as she tries to drown the beautiful Quisha in her tub. How far will Christine go to get the beautiful Quisha to give her a shot at the title? Sexy Quisha battled for her life as she gets her glistening soaked down hot body thrown around the room as Christine cruelly throws her in the wall as the blonde falls helpless. Can Quisha survive or will Christine accomplish what she set out to do?

This Video Contains:
Stomach Punching Crotch Torture
Drowning Scissors Holds
Breast Torture Wall Slamming
Sleeper Hold Choking
Breast Smothering Flips
Catfighting Clothes Ripping
Face Sitting Pro Holds
Leg Hold Hair Pulling