November News

November 6, 2013

WPA-13 Thrash-Her

Quisha Page Vs. Kasey & Quisha Page Vs. Krystal Summers

Hi Everyone,


Time for another match for my favorite fans. I'm so excited! I've added a sexy two match series for your enjoyment. These are my first Fantasy series matches that are filled with erotic action. Here's what transpired.


My training partner and I were meeting at the ring to practice for my next up coming match. As I entered the ring I noticed it was occupied by a new rookie named Kasey. I told the blonde rookie she is on my time and to leave the ring. Kasey didn’t care who I was and gave me attitude. "Who the hell do you think you are bitch" Kasey said? I saw red and said "Oh Now It’s On"! As a Champ I couldn't help surgically destroying this pig tailed rookie in the ring. Move after move I used my big tits to torture this little bitch and showed no mercy twisting and turning her body into a quivering mass of flesh. I did not leave one part of Kasey's voluptuous body untouched or unmaimed. She tried to attack my sexy curves, but I just laughed and turned on the pressure harder. After a brutal battering Kasey couldn't take no more and became physically ill. What happens next in this match you won't believe which leads into my next fight.







My sexy nemesis Krystal Summers looked agitated at what just happened to her partner Kasey in the ring boo-hoo. She went back to the dressing room to tend to her beat up and sick partner Kasey. I guess as time went on Krystal became more agitated the more she thought about what I did to Kasey. She then decided to do something about it and stormed back out to the ring to kick my sexy unbreakable ass haha. We had a few words in the ring and a fight ensued. Krystal makes the mistake of challenging me to a test of strength. Before Krystal knew what had happened I slammed her to the mat hard. As I strutted around the ring I let Krystal back up thinking I would beat Krystal the same as I did her partner. The blonde Krystal tried it again with the test of strength. I definitely didn't expect what happened next as Krystal caught me with a dirty move. A knee to the stomach dropped me right on my back. Krystal smelling the kill goes after my big tits with no remorse stomping away at my sexy midsection. My god Krystal put on an offense that totally shocked the hell out of me. I tried to fight back, but the more Krystal thinks about what I did to her partner the harder she pounds on my beautiful chest and crotch. Once Krystal saw I was weakened this bitch ties me to the ropes and begins to caress my huge tits. My breasts and crotch are Krystal's main target, as she pulls, knees, kisses, twists, claws, caresses, scratches, slaps and sucks my delicate assets. Sexy teasing then torture back and forth action in this scene As I was in pain one minute then feeling turned on the next. This is definitely one of my sexiest breast matches yet. Krystal tries to turn me into her bitch!!! Wtf...