SV-2 Quisha Page Vs. Venus Delight

1 Fall Match Pin or Submission

WSW and Quisha Page Wham Whats to says Fans you are in for a treat! The Famous Exotic Dancer and Video Star Venus Delight makes her professional wrestling debut in the WSW ring. She has had great success in the last few years in the catfight scene and has decided to put her skills and body on the line and go professional. Who better to ask take that ride none other than the Queen of wrestling herself Quisha Page. Venus says she’s more than a handful herself and will enter the ring ready to go. She cant wait to grab, twist and wrap those big Quisha tits over the ropes and punish her until she screams "I GIVE"! These two Buxom Blonde trophies are true competitors and love their fans. Quisha not holding back a bit gives her fans every thing they ask for as she tears into the weak and almost left past out Venus. Talented and thoughtful that Quisha is does one more move making Venus cry out in pain one last time for her fans thinking the match is over! But nasty as she is Venus is not done yet. Pro moves and holds fill this match with both big busted women tossing each other from pillar to post. Sweaty flesh comes from excellent fighters, this ring is no place for the weak! Catfighting, breast clawing and hair pulling. What you fans had thought should have been a one sided match turned into a all out brawl! Can this Rookie Wrestler beat the living hell out of the ruthless Quisha? Or will the true blue Queen of wrestling Quisha remain fearless and end this big breasted fake blonde rookies career abruptly? You have to see it to believe it!

This Video Contains:
Rope Work Scissors Holds
Breast Attacks Corner Work
Pro Holds Pro Moves
Pin Attempts Arm Holds
Leg Holds Flips
Shoulder Blocks Back Hand Chops