WPA-7 Quisha Page Vs. Diana Knight

1 Fall Match Pin or Submission

Quisha Page Wham and the WSW Champ Quisha Page takes to the ring once again facing a tough pro wrestling veteran opponent "Dangerous" Diana Knight. Quisha's lean muscular body will be put to the test in this battle. Diana Knight a wrestling veteran of the ring. Skilled to be a dirty fighter wants Quisha Punished. She has a dark and evil way about her and she enjoys dishing out pain to her opponents and has a demonic laugh. Quisha always putting her beauty and talents on the line she is a wrestler that makes history of the sport as she beats them one by one. She promised to take on all competitors and is running down her list. This is a one fall match with no disqualifications. The winner must pin their opponent for a three count. Well fans Quisha gives this match to her fans and gives them everything she has and they want to see in an old school knock down drag out pro match. No prolonged holds to be bored with thats for sure. These women go at it with ferocity to win. Their strategy is to soften up their opponent and go for pin after pin. Theres tons of near fall pins as these beautiful women batter each others soft sweaty bodies going for the victory. Even though this is a non title match Diana fought her way to the top and found her spot for a chance for the WSW Championship Belt. The gorgeous Quisha Page says Dianas relentless assault on her whole in this match Diana almost had her lights put out a few times. Quisha had to pour it on Diana pounding on her body stretching her in every pain full position she can think of then a pins attempt were made. But they don't call her "Dangerous" Diana Knight for no reason as her will to survive helps her kick out of multiple near falls herself. Quisha gets frustrated and it costs her losing focus letting Diana give her a low blow to her delicate crotch. Diana turns the tables on Quisha and batters the beautiful legend focusing on her large supple breasts as punching bags. Quisha crys out in pain as Diana uses every dirty move to torture Quisha's voluptuous body and breasts. Diana weakens Quisha and tries to pin her for a quick victory. Quishas too tough desperately kicks out time and time again trying to survive Diana's attack. Quisha never looked more beautiful as she is beaten and mauled by the evil Diana. Stomps to her belly and breasts, stretching in the ropes Quishas head slamed into corners buckels trying to injure her for life. Diana uses every hold she can think of to weaken Quisha. Back and forth this match goes seemingly never to end as both these women are passionate about claiming the victory. This is a sexy mounth watering battle to the end. (Click on Video Cover for larger image)!

This Video Contains:
Stomach Punch Breast Slaps
Elbow Drop Leg Drops
Breast Torture Bikini Choke
Pin Attempts Hair Choking
Breast Smotheri Trash Talking
Shoulder Claw Crotch Torture
Arm Holds Hair Pulling
Bear Hug Rope Torture

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